Different Uses For Hair Accessories


Hair accessories are the ornamental or functional objects attached, twisted, or wrapped to the hair. Some examples of hair accessories include hair combs, hairpins, hair clips, hair ties, thread, barrettes, ribbons, hair spikes and sticks, hair rings among others. Hair accessories can be worn by individuals of all ages despite their gender. This article analyses various hair accessories, how they are made as well as materials used, and the better hair accessories for different styles.

Hair accessories can be made in three steps. The first step of making hair accessories is making a ribbon headband. Start by selecting your favorite ribbon and take an elastic band that should be thick. Then wrap the ribbon in the head and cut off the ribbon to ensure it is 6 inches. The second step is decorating a hard-shell headband. Hard-shell are affordable and available in many places. Select the favorite color and decorate. Then wrap them in ribbon and glue them on the sequins. The last step is making a turban headband. Find two jersey headbands in a beauty store and ensure they are thick. Then cut one of the headbands halfway along the seam and place it through the complete headband. When making hair accessories, some of the materials that are required include a glue gun, felt-wool, sharp scissors, ribbons, needles, clips, pencil, and threads. Some of the best hair accessories which can be used for different styles are barrettes, clips, headbands, ribbons as well as sweatbands.

In conclusion, hair accessories are in different sizes as well as shapes and they play an important role in securing one’s hairstyles while others are important in getting one’s bangs off the face. However, other accessories are used as hair adornments. Despite hair accessories being used by both genders, they add something special look to some women. Some individuals use hair accessories as a way of self-expression.